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About The Faculty Of Medicine In Medical University-Varna


The Faculty of Medicine in Medical university-Varna was established by Council of Ministers decree -166/20.06.2001. The faculty of Medicine is the University’s fundamental division which incorporates 15 departments and trains students in the field of Medicine for master degrees. It also trains PhDs and carries out Post-Graduate Education in wide range of fields. The faculty of Medicine consists of 246 academic members and 78 of them are having academic rank. Its Faculty Council comprises 33 members.


Varna Medical University was established in 1961 when the first students began their academic studies in medicine. Today the University is a modern educational, scientific and therapeutical centre in North Eastern Bulgaria. It is an autonomous higher school for academic training in medicine, dental medicine, public health and pharmacy as well as for postgraduate studies. It is a centre for diagnostic and therapeutic training of national and international repute. For the 48 years of its existence Varna Medical University has respected the most important values for high quality of the education, stable learning environment, scientific and faculty potential and practical orientation of the students’ training and intensive social life which attract medical students, postgraduate and PhD students with opportunities for development and observation of traditions.

Our Mission

The Mission of Medical University of Varna is to make the most of its qualities for a better health way in the future. Medical University - Varna is not only a fundamental, educational, scientific and medical center in Northeast part of Bulgaria and The Black Sea region but also a holder of basic and most important values of high quality of education namely providing an adequate environment for training; guaranteeing research and training opportunities for development; accessibility and equal rights for everyone; opportunities for personal and professional development and traditions. Moreover our mission centers on providing world-famous quality of higher education, post graduate education in the field of Medicine and healthcare management and gained therefore the recognition by the International Universe of Science and Practice. Everyday people from Northeast part of Bulgaria and the Black Sea region obtain adequate and professional medical help thanks namely to the Medical University of Varna. The support given to Healthcare Institutions in the region, results in an improvement of their officers` skills and the qualities of those supplying healthcare and administrative services especially.


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