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The City of Martin


Basic facts

Location: Nort-Western Slovakia
Area: 67,74 square kilometres
Population: 70,000 inhabitants
Population density: 883 per square kilometre
Altitude: 394 metres above sea level

Martin and its Surroundings

With a population of 70,000 the central Slovakian City of Martin is situated in the well-known picturesque "Turiec Garden" wreathed by the Velká and Malá Fatra mountains. Villa Sancti Martini was mentioned in written documents for the first time in 1284. The oldest settlement dates from the Stone Age (20000BC). In 1340 Martin was granted the town privileges. In the second half of the 19th century it became the center of the national liberation movement.

Martin is a prominent cultural centre of Slovakia, it is a cradle of the Slovak bookprinting, periodical publishing, amateur theatricals, banking and museumship. It is the seat of the Slovak National Library and Matica Slovenská. The Martin Declaration of October 30, 1918 provided legal conditions to constitute a new common state of the Czechs and Slovaks.

The city lies in picturesque surroundings offering its visitors excellent possibilities for walking and hiking in summer and skiing in winter. Martin is an important recreational center with one of the most significant ski centers in Slovakia. Martin is the seat of large engineering plants, it has one of the largest and up-to-date printing complexes in the world, paper and furniture industries, and newly-erected Volkswagen, Ecco Shoes, and Trim Leader factories. Martin is a world-known Martiner beer producer. The town lies 394m above sea level; the average yearly temperature is 7.4(C, daily figures are between -4(C to -15(C in winter and 20(C to 30(C in summer. Annual precipitation is about 750mm, increasing in summer; 110 days a year of frosts and with approximately 50-80 days of snow.


If you travel to Slovakia by car, Martin lies on a crossroad of the E50 road (Bratislava - Žilina - Martin - Kraľovany - Poprad - Košice) and the road No.65 (Žiar nad Hronom - Kremnica - Martin), which join the international routes to Poland, Ukraina, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Other possibilities how to get to Slovakia is by plane directly to Bratislava or to Vienna and from Vienna by the shuttle bus service (each hour) or by taxi to Bratislava. From Bratislava you can take a bus or a train to Martin. If you go by the shuttle bus from Vienna, its destination is Bratislava - bus stop Bratislavské Nivy from where you can take a bus to Martin. If you take a train, the distance from Bratislava to Martin is 224km and the journey takes from 2 to 4 hours - depending on the type of the train connection. The most comfortable train connection is Bratislava - Žilina with trains running every two hours, and even more frequently during rush hours. Some fast trains go on from Žilina to Poprad and stop in Vrútky (part of the Martin conurbation), here you get off and take a local bus to Martin. You can also get off in Žilina and continue by bus to Martin. In Martin there is a public bus transport system.


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