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Cooperation Programs

International Cooperation & Programmes

International relations at the University of Economics in Bratislava (UEB) has grown in terms of quantity and quality. The types of activity, co-operative partners and assistance to university and individual faculties vary. Most international activities are organised with the co-operation of European Union countries, which corresponds with Slovakia’s wish to become a member of the EU. Co-operation with other countries of Central and Eastern Europe and with the U.S.A. has been developed.

The University has concluded agreements with about 40 foreign universities. It is also involved in various multinational programmes with universities in the EU and in Central and Eastern Europe. These links allows students and university members to joint an international network of more than 140 European universities. Much student and teacher mobility is accomplished through programmes such as SOCRATES-ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI, CEEPUS, MIBP PECO, etc. Despite the great emphasis put on mobility, the University develops links with universities in abroad also within the framework of other research and educational projects aimed to bring qualification closer together in Slovakia and the EU.

Study in foreign languages

In response to the growing demand for courses taught in English, the UEB offers selected courses in economics, management, business and related subjects in English. Students can choose from a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate lectures and seminars taught by qualified faculties’ members.

To further strengthen its international dimension, the University is opening a PARTIAL STUDY PROGRAMME IN FRENCH, as well as a PARTIAL STUDY PROGRAMME IN GERMAN as an expression of co-operation between the UEB and partner universities abroad. Becoming an integral part of university studies, it offers deepening the knowledge and skills in both economic and linguistic areas. These programmes are focused on domestic students, nevertheless they enable foreign students to participate also.

More information, Courses in Foreign Languages


It is an action programme of the European Commission that promotes co-operation in the area of education. The programme offers funding for student and teacher mobility as well as further educational activities. Presently, the UEB has 147 ERASMUS agreements with universities in EU countries. In the framework of this programme yearly more than 200 students of the UEB spend one or two semesters in EU universities and about 170 students from EU countries visit the UEB. The UEB also encourages teachers to participate in ERASMUS programme of foreign institutions to further their international involvement. Furthermore, the UEB invites visiting lectures to teach in Bratislava.

Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci programme is an European programme for vocational training and education on multi-national level governed by the European Commission. The aim of the programme is to support co-operation of European Union and associated countries in introducing of innovations into the vocational training through pilot projects (development of new syllabuses, methods, vocational training content and education, etc.) mobility projects (foreign placements of students, young workers, unemployed, teachers, managers, etc.) and surveys and analyses project (various aspects of vocational training and labour market). In 2001 the UEB has implemented 4 Leonardo da Vinci projects from which 3 pilot projects and 1 mobility project. Within the framework of mobility project 37 Slovak students spent their traineeship in 25 companies and institutions in EU countries and 18 Western students in 12 Slovak companies and institutions.

TEMPUS/Phare (Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies)

The programme established in 1990 is focussed on the rebuilding of educational structures in Central and Eastern European countries. It supports joint activities and relevant mobility in order to create as balanced a co-operation as possible with partners in the European Union. Since 1998 most of the original TEMPUS/ Phare countries, including Slovak Republic have acceded to the SOCRATES/ Erasmus programme. They are welcome to participate in TEMPUS/ Phare projects, but are no longer eligible for TEMPUS funding. The UEB has been very active in the TEMPUS/ Phare programme right from the start in 1990. In all, it has co-ordinated some 12 TEMPUS/ Phare projects and participated in over 30 projects as a partner. The University is currently co-ordinating 4 projects, and is a partner in further 7 projects.

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)


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