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Civil and transportation engineering program

Structural engineering and transportation engineering graduates are qualified to per­form static design and organize and manage civil engineering work such as the construction of bridges, high-rise buildings, industrial structures, foundations and underground structures, as well as special building constructions made of concrete, masonry, steel, timber, stone, soil, rock and newly-developed material composites. They are further qualified for the planning, management, implementa­tion, maintenance and reconstruction of tran­sportation-related structures (roads, motor­ways, airports, railways and buildings) and work in the related fields of urban network planning, transportation infrastructures and traffic engineering.

Water resources management and hydraulic structures program

Graduates acquire skills that are applicable to multidisciplinary areas such as hydraulic engineering, reservoir design, river training and the restoration of rivers, land reclamation and management, erosion control, water resources management, hydraulic structures, hydro-electric plants, water transport, drinking water supplies, waste water and sludge treatment, integrated water quality management and industrial and municipal waste disposal. Graduates of water resources management and engineering are qualified to hold responsible positions in water-related industries and work in design and consulting offices, local and governmental offices in the fields of water resources management and the environmental sector, research institutes and institutions managing water resources and operating hydraulic structures.

Geodesy and cartography program

Geodesy and cartography graduates are qualified specialists in physical geodesy, geodetic astronomy, satellite geodesy, processing of measurements, geoinformatics, photogrammetry, remote sensing, detailed mapping, land surveying, engineering geodesy, underground and mine surveying, topographi­cal and subject cartography, cartographic de­sign, cadastre and land consolidation and management. They find employment in many fields such as geodesy and cartography, defense, the construc­tion industry, transport, power engineering water management, agriculture and education as well as in scientific and research institutions

Building structures and architecture program

The Building structures and architecture program at the Faculty of Civil Engineering offers the following modules:

  • Building Structures and Architecture.
  • Economics and Building Industry Manage­ment.
  • Building Services.
  • Building Technology.
  • Material Engineering.

Graduates of the Building Structures and Architecture module will find employment in design, architectural and static studios dea­ling with dwellings, civic, industrial and agri­cultural structures, investment organizations, research establishments and business manage­ment. They are also qualified in advanced planning concepts with reference to the tech­nical aspects of architecture.

The Economics and Building Industry Management module aims at the education of engineers qualified to be managers or own­ers in small and medium-sized construction companies. They are qualified for positions such as contract specialists, quantity survey­ors, economists, price estimators, project ma­nagers, financial managers and managers for marketing and strategy as well as specialists for advisory activities in related areas.

The Material Engineering module provides training in the material sciences involving their applications in the construction industry. Re­search as well as testing and other activities involving construction materials are stressed. Graduates are prepared for careers in the ma­nufacture of building materials, units and prefabrications, the production of concrete mix­ing plants, research development and innovation in building materials and structures, consulting work as specialists in the selection of materials for work projects and testing build­ing materials in specialized and authorized la­boratories.

Graduates of the Building Services module are specialized in the design of sanitary in­stallations, heating systems, and air-condition­ing. They are competent in the design, im­plementation and maintenance of the tech­nical equipment of buildings. They are also trained for positions in management and fire protection, as well as scientific research in these fields.

In the Building Technology module, special­ists are trained in the preparation and manage­ment of construction and civil engineering structures. They are also qualified for management positions in construction and contract­ing or as independent entrepreneurs. Their sophisticated knowledge of civil engineering structures and special training in the theory of building technology production, which involves public and scientific-technical developments, equips graduates to become involved in crea­tive engineering activities.

Environmental engineering program

The program aims at the training of specialists in environmental structures, environmental engineering of internal and external environments, waste management, landscape and urbanized territories, transport management and longevity of structures. The program also includes the environmental sciences, geoinformatics, project and personnel management, programming and automation of engineering and environmental, land and commercial law.

The graduate is suitable for positions as an executive state administration employee in the field of environmental politics, local administration, environmental protection, water management, engineering networks, waste management and environmental management. Other possibilities are landscape planning designer, environmental structures designer and environmental projects manager.

Civil Engineering Program

The program aims at the professional training in the field of design and realization of various types of structures which is important for professional performance in a broad scale of Civil Engineering. Graduates of the Bachelor degree course are qualified for the position of an assistant on investment, design, realization and operational teams, in state and local administrations or in the private sector as well as qualified for Master’s degree course.

Graduates of the Master's degree course can find a position as a designer or a building contractor of residential and civic buildings, manufacturing plants, building services, engineering, transportation, water resources and hydraulic structures, and the reconstruction and modernization of structures.


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