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Department Of Foreign Lanuages


The Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sports is the successor of the Department of Foreign Languages which was established in 1962. In accordance with the requirements of the Law on Higher Education by a Decision of the General Assembly from June 26th 2000 a new structure of the Medical University “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” was adopted according to which the Department of Foreign Languages was transformed into a linguistic department. The new structural division at the Medical University was approved as Department of Foreign Languages, Communication, Pedagogics and Sports in March 2001 by the Ministry of Science and Education (Letter Re. № 10646/27.03.2001). Since its foundation the academic division has made multi-faceted contributions to the establishment of the modern European image of Varna Medical University and its consolidation as a modern higher school preparing professionals for the future.

The training in foreign languages and communication at Varna Medical University has practical orientation directed entirely to the specific features of the foreign language in view of the prospective professional needs of every concrete specialty, e.g. oral and written communication in specific scientific and professional fields with experts from other countries, independent usage of scientific literature in a foreign language, participation in international scientific events. The development of the European integration and Bulgaria’s involvement in various European structures has enhanced the need for communicative mastery of general language and language for specific purposes. This trend will continue to be increasing with the development of the international scientific and cultural exchange, particularly after Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union. The Department will continue to be a much needed and useful structural unit of Varna Medical University.


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