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Foreign citizens can study in MF-Sofia to acquire the scientific and educational degree ‘Doctor’ either full time or part time if they have a diploma of higher education with a Master degree in the following cases:

  1. On special occasions:

    • According to intergovernmental agreements of educational, cultural and scientific exchange;
    • According to Acts of the Council of Ministers
  2. In accordance with Art.95, p. 6 of the Law of Higher Education.
  3. In accordance with Art.21,p.4 of the Law of Higher Education.

Foreigners can apply for doctoral degree fellowship in accordance with the rules and regulations for enrolling Bulgarian citizens if:

  • They have a status of permanent residents on the territory of Bulgaria.
  • They have a status of refugees.
  • They are citizens of member states of the European Union or the European Economic Zone.

Persons with two citizenships one of which is Bulgarian can pass doctoral degree education in MF-Sofia, according to the clause of Art.95,p.8 of the Law of Higher Education. They pay 50% of the tuition fee, determined by the Council of Ministers for the education of foreign students.

Persons with Bulgarian nationality certified according to Act of the Council of Ministers No 103/1993 can pass a doctoral degree fellowship in the MF-Sofia under the following conditions:

  • By paying 30% of the education fee for foreign students determined by the Council of Ministers according to Art.4,p.5 of Act of the Council of Ministers No 103/1993.
  • If approved by the Ministry of Education and Science on topics approved by the corresponding minister, according to Art.5,p.1,2,3 of the Act of the Council of Ministers No103/1999 on the conditions of enrollment for Bulgarian citizens.

The applicants submit the following documents:

  • Application containing information about the applicant’s desires to work on a dissertation in a corresponding: scientific area, scientific specialty, scientific sub-specialty, the topic for the envisaged thesis,
  • Short CV data, including the degree of language competence in the congress languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian).
  • A copy of the higher education diploma showing the applicant holds a Master’s degree.
  • A medical certificate issued within one month of the date of application and legalized by the relevant authorities of the country where the applicant comes from.
  • For applicants with two citizenships, one of which is Bulgarian -a copy of the citizenship documents.
  • For persons of Bulgarian nationality: birth certificate, christening certificate or another document of citizenship, a passport or another identity document, a document issued by an organization of a Bulgarian community abroad.

It is obligatory that the documents under points 2 and 3 should be translated in Bulgarian, legalized and stamped by the Bulgarian Embassy in the country where the person applies from.


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