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Study system and degrees

University education at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (FME STU) is a form of training after completing secondary education. Starting from the academic year 2001/2002, the studies are structured in five 3-year bachelor programs (Bachelor of Science – BSc or Bc. in Slovakia), and thirteen complementary 2-year master graduate programs (Master of Science – MSc). Previously the BSc and MSc programs had independent curricula, i.e. the master studies were not a supplementary element to the bachelor ones.

The title acquired after successful completion of a master program in technology in Slovakia is "Engineer" (Ing.). This title is still applied in a number of European countries and is fully equivalent to MSc.

We operate on a semester system. The lecturing period of the winter semester begins in September and ends in December. Summer semester lectures start in February and finish in May. Both semesters are completed by a six week standard examination period.

One year of study consists on average of 640 hours of direct study load - class attendance (lectures, practical exercises, laboratory works, seminars, studio project work, excursions). Based on the European Community Courses Credit Transfer System (ECTS) the total for each year of study corresponds to 60 credits.

Each BSc and MSc program consists of relatively fixed curricula which are clearly spread over study years and semesters. A program is composed of obligatory and elective subjects. The portion of electives is highest in the final year of study.

The minimum requirement for a Bachelor of Science degree is to gain 180 credits, and 300 credits for Master of Science (Engineer) respectively.

When applying to FME STU, the student has to choose one of the following bachelor study programs:

  • Automobiles, Ships and Combustion Engines
  • Mechatronics
  • Power Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Production Engineering and Quality Management

In cooperation with the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology the Bachelor study program Plastics in Mechanical Industries and Plastics Processing is also offered. The students for this program are registered at the Faculty mentioned above.

The bachelor studies finish with a final state examination consisting of defense of the final project and oral examination in two selected subjects important from the viewpoint of study branch and corresponding to the final project.

Holders of FME STU bachelor degree or persons having finished equivalent study programs recognized by the Faculty authority within another institution of higher education may apply for one of the following MSc study programs:

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Automatic Production Systems
  • Automation and Informatics of Machines and Processes
  • Automobiles, Ships and Combustion Engines
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines and Equipment
  • Low Potential Power Engineering
  • Machines and Equipment for Civil Engineering, Land Reclamation and Agriculture
  • Machines and Equipment for Chemical and Food Industries
  • Mechatronics
  • Production Machines and Equipment
  • Production Technologies and Materials
  • Quality Management
  • Thermal Power Engineering

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