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General information

PhD study
Comenius University, Faculty of Medicine accepts Ph.D. students in major scientific fields of medicine and dentistry. Ph.D. students are selected through an admission examination procedure. 20-30 students are admitted annually.

Accredited study programmes in doctoral (PhD) study

Study programme Duration
Internal form External form
7.1.2 Anatomy, Histology a Embryology 3 5
7.1.3 Normal and Pathological Physiology 4 5
7.1.4 Internal Medicine 4 5
7.1.7 Surgery 4 4
7.1.8 Röntgenology and Radiodiagnostics 4 5
7.1.9 Gynaecology and Ostetrics 4 5
7.1.10 Pediatry 4 5
7.1.11 Neurology 4 5
7.1.12 Psychiatry 3 5
7.1.13 Dermatovenerology 4 5
7.1.14 Ophtalmology 4 5
7.1.15 Oncology 4 5
7.1.16 Otorinolaryngology 4 5
7.1.18 Toxicology 4 5
7.1.20 Anesthesiology and Rsuscitation 4 5
7.1.21 Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Mdicine5 5
7.1.23 Urológy 4 5
7.1.24 Physiatry,Balneology and Rehabilitation 4 5
7.1.26 Clinical pharmacology 3 5
7.2.1 Dental medicine 4 5
7.4.1 Nursing 4 5
7.4.2 Public Health 4 5
4.1.22 Biochemistry 4 5
4.2.3 Molecular Biology 3 5
4.2.15 Immunology 3 5

The duration of the scientific training is generally from 3 to 5 years according to the study programme and form. During the time of the study, the Ph.D. students are expected to attain credit points from compulsory and elective courses given either in Slovak or in English.

Compulsory optional subjects (completed by an examinations):

  • New trends in molecular biology and genetics
  • New trends in pathophysiology and pathology
  • New trends in pharmacology
  • New trends in biochemistry
  • New trends in neurosciencies and neurophysiology
  • The most important clinical syndromes in pathophysiology

Courses (completed only by credits):

  • Biostatistics
  • Presentation techniques
  • Communication
  • Research planning – grant projects

Through their research work they must attest to their ability and creativity in the respective scientific field. Ph.D. students are required to participate in the practical teaching in selected undergraduate courses. Ph.D. theses are to be written in English language, students defend their PhD thesis in English language. Publication of the scientific results, preferably in journals with impact factor, is a fundamental requirement. PhD study at Comenius University Medical Faculty is opened for owners of University diploma (Master or Doctor).

Their admission to the study at Comenius University medical faculty is conditioned by following requirements:

  1. Authentication of the university accreditation and the university diploma. The student has to apply for the authentication (approval) at:

    Ministry of Education in Slovak Republic the Office for diploma approval (Stredisko na uznávanie dokladov o vzdelaní) that will approve the accreditation of the University.

    You are required to send:

    • Application Form is at.
    • Approval of the highest reached degree to be authenticated and transcript of credits (verified copies and their translation to Slovak language) and University diploma (in copy).
    • ID card or passport of the student (in copy).
    • Fee stamp is required.

    The Comenius University for approval of study program

    You are required to send:

    Complete syllabus of the study (authenticated copy or original of the document) in English or translated to Slovak language. Transcript of the credits (authenticated copy or original of the document) in English or translated to Slovak language. University diploma (degree) (authenticated copy or original of the document) in English or translated to Slovak language

    Both institutions could be asked simultaneously, you will receive the information within 30 days from each institution

  2. Completed doctorate study application form with chosen specialization and the topic of interest.
  3. CV
  4. University diploma (degree) (authenticated copy or original of the document).
  5. The list of publications.
  6. Proficiency in English language and the interest in scientific research.

When meeting these requirements the students are invited for an admission interview. The interviews are held in June or in September and the students start his PhD study in September of the same year.


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