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International Management
Program Garantor: Prof. Ing. Štefan Slávik

Level of higher education: second

Standard length of study: 2 years

Academic degree: Ing. (Engineer) equivalent to MSc. (Master of Science)

Graduate profile: Graduates of the study program will have a thorough knowledge of corporate management in the international marketplace and international business management.

They will be able to:

  • Manage large groups of people from different cultural and language backgrounds.
  • Identify, analyse and evaluate problems and related processes within companies and the international marketplace.
  • Recommend and implement practical company-wide solutions.
  • Analyse and evaluate a company’s overall performance as a comprehensive system as well as its internal and external parts in dynamic progress.
  • Track turbulent domestic and international marketplaces from various points of view, especially with regard to other subjects.
  • Propose and implement logical business policies.
  • Predict new trends in the marketplace.
  • Analyse, evaluate and adopt measures with regard to international integration processes and globalization tendencies.

Graduates will be qualified for higher managerial positions in international companies.

Core courses

Business Information Systems, Corporate Risk, European Union, Financial Management, Human Resources in International Business, International Accounting, International Business, International Financial Management, International Management and Business, International Taxation, International Transport and Logistics, Management Simulations, Organizational Behaviour, Price Decision Making, Project Management, Strategic Management.

Course opening September 2008 (academic year 2008/2009)

Admission requirements

  • A university bachelor's degree or higher in management, business economics, economics or cognate studies (business, commerce, finance, travel and tourism, logistics).
  • Submission of the application form and related documentation.

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