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Rules Concerning Admission Procedures at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Comenius University in Bratislava for Foreign Students Studying in the English Language in the Academic Year 2011/2012

  1. The deadline for the making of application for the Mater’s study programme styled “Pharmacy” is (comming up soon). The admission exam fee is 100 €. The fee has to be paid to the bank account of Faculty of Pharmacy until (comming up soon) in order to be registration valid.
  2. Complete secondary education and acquisition of the General Certificate of Secondary School Education (GCSE) are considered to be prerequisites for participation in admission examination. The GCSE must be recognized pursuant to Regulation of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic No. 207/93 of Collection stipulating the details of equivalence of certificates of education. Written requests for recognition must be sent to the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.
  3. Admission examination shall take place in (comming up soon). The exact date and site of such examination shall be published on the web site of the FaF UK (the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Comenius University). Applicants shall be sent the invitations to admission examination pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 8 of Annex to the Statute of the Comenius University No. 3.
  4. The criteria for admission to the Mater’s study programme “Pharmacy” shall be the knowledge of English and the results achieved in the admission procedure where the student are examined in the subjects of Chemistry and Biology: The examination will be in form of written tests (the maximal number of points achieved for each test – Chemistry, Biology, is 50 points). The maximal achievable number of points achieved in the admission procedure in respect of the Mater’s study programme “Pharmacy” shall be 100 points.
  5. If an applicant intended to take the admission examination but he/she was unavoidably prevented from doing so on the appointed day, he/she must apply for a replacement admission examination. The Dean of the Faculty may allow such applicant to take part in a replacement admission procedure.
  6. The decision on the applicant’s admission shall be made by the Dean of the Faculty at the meeting of the relevant programme Examining Board on the basis of the applicant’s successfully passed admission examination. The applicants’ order shall only be taken into account.
  7. Transfer of a student from another higher-education institution is implemented in the same form this is in the form of admission procedure pursuant to Section 58 of Act on Higher-Education Institutions and also pursuant to Article 8 of Annex No. 3 to the Statute of the Comenius University.
  8. Transfer of a student from another higher-education institution may only be implemented within the same or a related study programme. The Dean of the Faculty decides on the granting of such transfer and it may be granted only if the student duly completed the relevant academic year.
  9. To his/her application for study, the applicant must enclose a request for transfer and a document certifying the he/she is a student with the higher-education institution from which he/she intends to transfer (such original document must be signed and stamped / sealed and translated into the Slovak language or the English language). The applicant must also enclose the syllabus of the subjects that he/she completed by passing pertinent examination. The syllabus must be issued in the name of the applicant, signed by a person authorized by the relevant higher-education institution and, it must be bearing the relevant official stamp or seal. The application for study in the academic year 2011 / 2012 completed in this manner may also be made with the FaF UK outside the time-frame appointed for the making of application. The conditions of admission examination shall be set by the Dean of the Faculty.
  10. Instruction for the students studying in the English language in the academic year 2011 / 2012 will start on (comming up soon).
  11. The tuition fee in the academic year 2011 / 2012 amounts to 7.200,00 € for 2 semesters and it will be paid a one off payment via bank transfer after the signing of the contract on study.
  12. An application for admission examination may only be placed on our files if it includes all the documents required.

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