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European Polytechnical University- Sofia

About the University

EPU is a university with programs for Bachelors, Masters and Doctors from various nations and creeds with and above average means, combining the best European traditions and innovative university technologies with the quality and practical application of the American higher education. The academic profile of the University lies in the modern specialty areas – informatics and computer sciences, communication and computer networks and systems, architecture and urban planning, construction engineering and innovative entrepreneurship.

The training for all specialties and degrees is carried out under the same programs in English or Bulgarian (regardless of the nationality of the candidates) – for the Bachelor’s degree, only full-time. The full-time form of studies for the Master’s degree is supported by a flexible schedule of classes, taking into account the aspirations of the students and their possibilities to attend the university. In the academic 2010/2011, the training for Bachelor degrees is carried out in the city of Pernik, and for Masters – in Sofia.

The University is partnering with leading European universities, which recognize the education credits earned at EPU. EPU collaborates with such universities in science and business under European, international and business projects, thereby attracting professors to lecture in the English-speaking training. One semester of the students’ education and part of the doctoral education are carried out in the European partner university.

The University satisfies the aspirations and interests of each student and doctoral candidate, and meets their individual needs. It encourages creativity and development of personal qualities – humanity, honesty, tolerance, communicativeness, entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, attitude for self-development, skills to present and defend his ideas and arguments, to lead discussions, organize and manage, and take decisions in different situation. It develops the young people’s potentials to learn and think independently, to learn by “doing”, through competitions and discussions in a team.

The results from the education are evaluated not only by the leading lecturers, but also anonymously by external valuators. For the English-speaking training these are foreign professors, duplicating the Bulgarian ones. The final assessment has multiple components, including the work of the students throughout the semester and their achievements in the research and production activities. In addition, the students can also make assessment of their lecturers, including with online questionnaires. An emphasis in the EPU policy is the realization of the students and the implementation of created scientific and application products in modern dynamic and competitive environment. Businesses enter the University by means joint companies, participation of successful practitioners in training, joint research, consulting for graduate students and doctoral candidates, participation in examination boards, etc. Research, innovative, production and design activities are carried out with the active participation of students, doctoral candidates and specializing students, who work in their special study areas and receive payment for their creative work in the University.

EPU takes care of arrangements to provide suitable jobs for their graduate students and doctoral candidates, and of their future. Each of them can be sure that will receive particular attention, respect and empathy.


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